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CategoriesSustainable DevelopmentTourism, Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation

Tourism, Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation

Tourism, Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation
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Tourism can contribute to the fight against poverty in developing countries, and more specifically in the least developed countries. However, this potential is closely linked to the accessibility of financing sources. With the aim of finding solutions to the numerous problems involved in the financing of tourism development initiatives especially for small enterprises and microbusinesses in developing countries, the WTO in conjunction with PlaNet Finance, a leading microcredit institution, is studying the possibilities of adapting microcredit to the specific needs of the tourism sector. This report presents recommendations for small tourism enterprises and microbusinesses as well as microfinance institutions, with the objective of bringing them together and thus stimulate tourism development that benefits the poor. This report encourages governments and MFIs to adapt lending terms to the specific characteristics of tourism activity and poor populations.

Table of Contents

  • Tourism in the world and in developing countries
    • Tourism in the world
    • Tourism and developing countries
  • Tourism and poverty
    • Seven approaches for achieving benefits for the poor from tourism development
    • Implementation of tourism development projects to reduce poverty
  • SMEs in the tourism sector
    • The structure of the tourism sector
    • SMEs and the three approaches to poverty reduction through tourism
    • SMEs and the fragmented structure of tourism
  • Financing tourism SMEs and the role of microcredit
    • Possibilities offered by microcredit
    • Example of rural tourism development in Morocco
  • Recommandations
  • Annex
  • Bibliography
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