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CategoriesSustainable DevelopmentSustainable Development of Ecotourism - A Compilation of Good Practices in SMEs

Sustainable Development of Ecotourism - A Compilation of Good Practices in SMEs

Sustainable Development of Ecotourism - A Compilation of Good Practices in SMEs
Pages 305
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Language English
ISBN 978-92-844-0621-0
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This compilation contains 65 case studies received from 47 countries about exemplary practices in small ecotourism businesses (SMEs). The cases provide rich details on methodologies and business approaches applied successfully by a wide range of ecotourism companies; they provide a valuable well of information that can serve for generating ideas and adapting sustainable ecotourism practices to the specific local conditions elsewhere. The experiences presented in this book come directly from the field, from the people who have developed these initiatives and who are daily in charge of these business ventures. They reflect well the complexity of small businesses, the great challenges and opportunities they face, and the endless creativity that this business allows for.

Table of Contents

  • Cross-border cooperation in the Ohrid and Prespa Lakes region(Albania, Greece and Macedonia)
  • Cabalgatas por Salta: Mountain excursions on horse-back (Argentina)
  • Yacutinga Lodge (Argentina)
  • Biolandhaus Arche: Mountain Hut (Austria)
  • Heinrich-Kiener-Haus: Mountain-hut (Austria)
  • The Guide Tours Ltd (Bangladesh)
  • Okavango Polers Trust (Botswana)
  • Ghanzi Trail Blazers - Ked Trading LTD (Botswana)
  • ODYSSEIA-IN Sport & Travel Agency - Incoming tour operator (Bulgaria)
  • Nature Ribaritsa Association (Bulgaria)
  • Mount Cameroon Ecotourism Organization (MtCEO) (Cameroon)
  • Ecotourism Project in Ebodje, a small fishing village (Cameroon)
  • Jamie’s Whaling Station Ltd. (Canada)
  • Turismo Rural Weche-Ruca: Mapuche ethnic tourism (Chile)
  • El Almejal Ecolodge (Colombia)
  • Punta Islita Hotel (Costa Rica)
  • Pacuare Lodge (Costa Rica)
  • Rancho Constanza & Cabañas de la Montaña: Agrotourism and lodging combined with visitation of protected areas (Dominican Republic)
  • Bellavista reserve: An ecotourism and flora and fauna conservation project in the Tandayapa Valley (Ecuador)
  • Yachana Lodge: Ecotourism project by an NGO (FUNEDESIN) (Ecuador)
  • Saint Katherine Protectorate Development Project: Ecolodge “Al karm” and Craft “Fansina” (Egypt)
  • Amansuri Conservation and Integrated Development Project (ACID) (Ghana)
  • Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary (Ghana)
  • Plan Grande Quehueche Ecotourism Centre (Guatemala)
  • Thenmala Ecotourism Promotion Society (TEPS) (India)
  • Community Based Ecotourism in Gunung Halimun National Park (GHNP) (Indonesia)
  • Menjangan Jungle and Beach Resort (MJBR) (Indonesia)
  • Mitzpe Hayamim (“Sea Lookout”) Health Farm (Israel)
  • Succah Bamidbar (Dwelling in the Desert) (Israel)
  • Kan Tengri Mountain Service LTD (Kazakhstan)
  • NoviNomad Tourism Development Company (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Kyrgyz Concept Company (Kyrgyzstan)
  • The “Al Jord” Project (Lebanon)
  • Cyclamen Destination Nature (Lebanon)
  • Tsara Tented Camp in the Anjozorobe forest (Madagascar)
  • Sukau Rainforest Lodge (Malaysia)
  • Las Cañadas - Bosque de Niebla (mist forest): Ecotourism in a private ecological reserve (Mexico)Gîte d’étape Takchmirte - Rural guesthouse (Morocco)
  • Tizi-Randonnées - inbound travel agency (Morocco)
  • The Damaraland Camp: A partnership between the Torra Conservancy and Wilderness Safaris Namibia
  • Finima Nature Park, Bonny Island (Nigeria)
  • Ecotourism Society Pakistan (ESP) (Pakistan)
  • Mountain & Glacier Protection Organization (Pakistan)
  • Recreational and Environmnetal Education Park “Las Delicias de San José” (Paraguay)
  • Rumbo al Dorado Consortium: Community Ecotourism Project (Peru)
  • Kanlaon Wilderness Adventure (Philippines)
  • Podlaski Szlak Bociani (The White Stork Trail) (Poland)
  • Arrábida Aventuras: Recreational, cultural, tourism and sports activities in a nature park (Portugal)
  • Green Express Travel Group Inc (Russian Federation)
  • Association pour la conservation, l’assainissement et la protection de l’environnement(ACAPE) [Association for the conservation, rehabilitation, and protection of the environment] (Rwanda)
  • GIE “Samu Sunu Xewal” Iles de la Madeleine National Park Volunteers (Senegal)
  • Women’s Group of Poponguine for the Nature Protection and Volunteers of Kër Cupaam (Senegal)
  • Goricko Joint Nature Park (Slovenia)
  • Rocktail Bay Lodge & Ndumo Wilderness Camp (South Africa)
  • Centro de Iniciativas y Turismo Rural de La Gomera (Centre of Initiatives and Rural Tourism in the Island of Gomera): A network of rural tourism establishments and services (Spain)
  • Residencia Casa de Payés (RCP) Mas Garganta – Guesthouse and Information Centre:A project of the “Turisme Garrotxa” Association (Spain)
  • Muthurajawela Visitor Center (MVC): Ecotourism in a wetland sanctuary (Sri Lanka)
  • Wadi Deir Mar Musa Environmental and Cultural Protected Area (Syria)
  • Mnemba Island Lodge, Conservation Corporation Africa (Tanzania)
  • Kibale Association for Rural and Environmental Development (KAFRED):A community based ecotourism project (Uganda)
  • Rwenzori Mountaineering Ecotourism Project (Uganda)
  • Proyecto Ecoalianza (Ecoalliance Project) (Venezuela)
  • The Saigon- Binhchau Tourist Joint Stock Company (Vietnam)
  • Vam Sat Salty Flooded Forest Ecological Tourism Site (Vietnam)
  • Kairezi Ecotourism Project (Zimbabwe)
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