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Cruise Tourism – Current Situation and Trends

Cruise Tourism – Current Situation and Trends
Pages 284
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Language English
ISBN 978-92-844-1364-5
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Over the past twenty years, worldwide demand for cruise tourism has posted some of the biggest gains within the tourism sector. The constant dynamism in cruise activity, as well as the increasing number of countries that include cruises, as a key product for their tourism development, has led to update and expand the first edition of the UNWTO study of 2003.
This new study discusses subjects like the current supply and demand for cruises, as well as its characteristics and trends. A new element includes the relationship between destinations and cruise lines, analysing key factors such as legislation, promotion and the economic impact of cruises through reference cases. It presents current trends in this industry in terms of innovation, safety and security, sustainability and identifies the major lines that will shape the sector.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgment
  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • The Product
    • The Cruise Ship as Tourism Establishment
    • Creation of the Itinerary
    • Cruise Package Prices
    • Principal Zones of Operation: Itineraries and Destinations
    • Segmentation of the World Market
  • The Supply Side: Business Structure
    • A Global Vision
    • Principal Cruise Line Associations
    • Classification of Cruise Lines
    • Principal Groups
    • Other Cruise Lines
    • Analysis of Supply and Demand
  • The Demand Side: Cruise Passengers
    • Global Demand: Quantitative Aspects
    • Qualitative Aspects: Sociodemographic Profile of the Cruise Passenger
  • Marketing
    • Value Chain Analysis: Commercial Intermediaries in the Cruise Line Business
    • Principal Conventions and Trade Fairs
    • Other Agents: Independent Ship Managers, Brokers and Maritime Agents
  • Cruise Lines and Destinations: Partners or Competitors?
    • General Findings of the Survey Conducted by UNWTO
    • The Case of Mexico: Mexican Legislation
    • Local Economic Impact: The Case of Costa Rica
    • A Mediterranean Success Story: Barcelona, Spain
    • Contribution of the Tourist Cruise Sector to National Economies
    • The Standards of the International Maritime Organization
  • The Future of Tourist Cruises
    • Current Trends in the Cruise Line Business
    • Master Plan for Long-term Development
  • Maritime Terminology and References
    • Maritime Terminology
    • Tourism Concepts for Reference
    • Symbols and Acronyms
  • Bibliography
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