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Tourism and Biodiversity – Achieving Common Goals Towards Sustainability

Tourism and Biodiversity – Achieving Common Goals Towards Sustainability
Pages 72
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ISBN 978-92-844-1371-3
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With the aim of contributing to the understanding of the relationship between tourism and biodiversity and assess the way that tourism can contribute to the protection of biodiversity and enhance its role as a main resource for tourism destinations, UNWTO has produced this publication. It illustrates the high value of biodiversity for tourism, outlines current policies, guidelines and global initiatives in which the interrelationship between tourism and biodiversity is addressed, as well as identifies risks and challenges for the tourism sector from the global loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The report concludes with ten recommendations for actions on biodiversity and tourism for governments (national and destination level), the tourism private sector, international organizations and NGOs

Table of Contents

  • Foreword and Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
    • Tourism and Biodiversity
    • The UN Responses to Biodiversity Challenges
    • Global Initiatives on Tourism and Biodiversity
  • The Value of Biodiversity for Tourism
    • Understanding the Economic Value of Biodiversity for Tourism
  • Impacts of Tourism on Biodiversity
    • Negative Impacts
    • Positive Impacts
  • Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism
    • The CBD Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development
  • Role of the Tourism in Protection of Biodiversity
    • 2010 and Post-2010 Biodiversity Target
    • The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Study
    • Implementing the Solutions Proposed by the TEEB
  • The Links between Tourism, Poverty Alleviation and Biodiversity
  • Recommendations for Actions on Biodiversity and Tourism by Governments, International Organisations, the Tourism Private Sector and NGOs
  • Conclusion
  • Annexes
    • Annex 1 Typology of ecosystem services
    • Annex 2 Impacts of Tourism on the Environment and Biodiversity
    • Annex 3 The 12 Aims for Sustainable Tourism
    • Annex 4 ST-EP Projects Associated with Biodiversity-based Tourism
    • Annex 5 ST-EP Mechanisms and Principles for Pursuing Poverty Alleviation Through Tourism
  • Further Reading
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