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Practical Guide for the Development of Biodiversity-based Tourism Products

Practical Guide for the Development of Biodiversity-based Tourism Products
Pages 64
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Language English
ISBN 978-92-844-1340-9
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The world is celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity. As an important contribution to this event, UNWTO prepared the Practical Guide for the Development of Biodiversity-based Tourism Products.

The aim of the Practical Guide is to offer a collection of tools and methodologies paired with step-by-step systems that show local product developers and tour operators how to develop sustainable biodiversity-based tourism products.

Without theoretical complexities, this Guide is addressed to product developers interested in practical how-to instructions and it is intended for immediate implementation of biodiversity-based tourism products.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Aim of the “Practical Guide”
  • 1 Introduction
    • 1 1.1 Tourism and Biodiversity
    • 1 1.2 Linking Sustainable Tourism and Biodiversity Conservation
    • 1.2.1 Sustainable Tourism
    • 1.2.2 Product Development
    • 1.2.3 Community Involvement
  • 2 Internally (within a destination) Initiated Tourism Products
    • 2.1 From Tourism Products to Tour Packages
    • 2.2 Who Are the Initiators and What Capacities do They Need
    • 2.3 Natural Assets Data Collection
    • 2.4 How to Design Tourism Products
    • 2.5 Timing of the Tourism Product
    • 2.6 Pricing of the Tourism Product
    • 2.7 Marketing of the Tourism Product 
    • 2.8 Monitoring and Evaluation
    • 2.9 How Best to Satisfy Clients and Locals
  • 3 Externally (outside of a destination) Initiated Tourism Products
    • 3.1 How Tour Operators Identify Good Local Tourist Agencies Committed to Biodiversity Conservation
    • 3.2 How Tour Operators Measure the Characteristics of a Well Managed Destination
    • 3.3 How Tour Operators Check the Sustainability of the Local Part of the Tourism Chain
    • 3.4 How Tour Operators Adjust Quality and Quantity (in time and space) of Biodiversity Based Tourism Goods and Services
    • 3.5 What Tour Operators Consider When Contracting Local Partners (benefit sharing with communities)
    • 3.6 How to Create an Image for a Product Line (product branding)
    • 3.7 How to Compare with other Products and Markets (benchmarking)
    • 3.8 How to get the Clients on Board (marketing)
    • 3.9 How to Maintain the Lifecycle of a Product or Package
  • 4 Examples of Good Practice and Lessons Learned
    • 4.1 Internally Initiated Tourism Product Development: Development of a Biodiversity-based Tourism Product: ‘Adopt a Coral’
    • 4.2 Development Process of the Tourism Product
    • 4.3 Development Process of a Tour Package
    • 4.4 Lessons Learned
    • 4.5 Media Promotion
  • Recommendations
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography


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