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Religious Tourism in Asia and the Pacific

Religious Tourism in Asia and the Pacific
Pages 398
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ISBN 978-92-844-1380-5
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The Asia-Pacific region is considered the world’s religious core with the greatest number of pilgrims and travellers for religious events, for both international and domestic tourism. It is estimated that there are approximately six hundred million national and international religious and spiritual voyages in the world, of which 40% take place in Europe and over half in Asia. According to UNESCO, 60% of the world’s population practises a religion and these believers form the demographic base of religious tourism. This study has therefore clearly identified areas of interest that appeal to the religious aspects of travel and it is the responsibility of tourism administrators and travel professionals to glean this information and look at religious tourism as a resource in the same light as the sun, sea and sand holidays that are readily marketed by tourism professionals.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Section 1 – Introductory Essays
    • 1 Pilgrims between East and West
    • 2 The Silk Roads of Faith
    • 3 Religious Tourism, Spirituality and Peace
  • Section 2 – Regional Marketing and Thematic Studies
    • 4 Religious Tourism in South-East Asia
    • 5 Islam and Tourism
    • 6 From Commoditization to Respect of the Sacred
  • Section 3 – Country Monographs
    • 7 Australia – A Country Specific Analysis of Religious Tourism in Australia
    • 8 China
    • 9 Indonesia
    • 10 Faith and Domestic Travel – Pilgrimages in Indonesia
    • 11 Iran – Shia Pilgrimage and Tourism
    • 12 Profile of Religious Tourism in Japan
    • 13 Republic of Korea – Religious Tourism in the Republic of Korea
    • 14 Republic of Korea – Baekdu-Dragon Trail
    • 15 Pakistan
    • 16 Sri Lanka
    • 17 Thailand
    • 18 Special Case Study India
  • 19 Conclusions
  • 20 Recommendations
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